HB to Me.

We had a great 4th of July.  
We spent it at home having a little BBQ
with friends.  

This is only our second year home on the 
4th since we moved here 7ish years ago.
This neighborhood never disappoints with the 
fireworks either.  

 I searched the world for star shaped cookie cutters,
apparently they don't exist.  Next year, swear.
 No, I don't Pinterest, why do you ask?? 
 The kids loved the skewers.  They are really safe 
for babies.  That is probably why she loved them.  
#danger baby  oh and the marshmallows.  That didn't hurt.

 Heidi made a beautiful festive cake!

  Lots of fireworks, fun had by all.
Can't beat that.  

Happy 4th of July, hope yours rocked too.
Oh and Happy Birthday to me.  This is one 
of my favorite presents "Mom's Gonna Snap"
could it be more fitting???  

My husband bought me a juice squeezer!!!
It's amazing!!  Jessica is taking us to see 
Norah Jones in concert, how cool is that?
Dad got me Photoshop which I can't wait to 
use and Mom is getting me an iPhone but I 
think I might wait until the 5 comes out...  

How spoiled am I???  What a great birthday.

Wasn't hard to beat last year.  Grandpa died one
year ago from today.  I miss him so much.  It makes 
me very happy to know he is watching over us,
up there in heaven, with Grandma, doin' the Don. 

Love you Grandpa.  We think about you all the time.


Happy birthday! And sending prayers...I know how hard days like these are. I know your Grandpa is looking down on you with love...
guzzi guy said…
Who is Norah giving the "Loser" sign to? ;-)

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