So much FUN!

This weekend couldn't have been more packed full
of fun.  Let's begin with Thursday, that night we did
a bachelorette dinner for Camille.  She was gearing up
to marrying my cousin Jess on Saturday.
 Camille, the lovely bride to be.
 This also gave me the opportunity to hang out with 
my sister, love that.
The next night, we had something really special
planned.  A girls night with Billy, just the two of 
us, no kids and a hotel room in Portland!  Yay!!!
 We started the night off right with fresh squeezed
grapefruit & vodka, just soaking in our room when 
my sister called.  When she heard where we were she
dropped everything and came to play with us.  FUN!
 We bar & restaurant hopped to 3 different places,
all with our own driver!  Yay Jessica.  We had so 
much fun, got to bed pretty early & had a nice 
quick breakfast together before it was time to rush
home to get to the wedding on time.   

Here are a few wedding shots:
 This is really special, Camille's Dad walking her 
down the aisle, he had a stroke last year and walking
is tricky.  Their love for each other is simply beautiful.
 Here is Jess seeing Camille for the first time, priceless.
 He wrote & sung a song for her during the ceremony.
 The happy couple.
 This wedding rocked, on many levels.
 Nor Nor

 Toasts for the new Mr. & Mrs.

 Auntie & Ava
 Angi & Dad
 The two princesses. : )

After the wedding John went out for a guys night
which he really enjoyed.  It makes me so happy 
when he goes & does things with his friends.  As
much as we love having him all to ourselves, I 
really do believe it's good for him : )

What a great weekend!  
Love that.


I love seeing that first shot of when the groom sees his bride. Hands down my favorite part of a wedding.

Looks like it was a wonderful time, and she looked beautiful!

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