Nurse Rhi

 Over the weekend we had a little surprise party for Rhi, 
she just graduated from nursing school  & we couldn't be 
more proud of her or more excited to surprise her with 
this party!!

 Erin & Elizabeth, my partners in crime.
They are both from California, so them being
here was a huge part of the surprise.

 Prom photos : )

 And now enter Matt & Rhi...everyone was hidden
around the corner, even though Ava kept shouting 
"Surprise!!" Rhi wasn't catching on until she saw her 

 This was right before she saw them, cue the tears.

 Priceless : )

Making this girl smile isn't hard
but it sure is fun. 

Many more photos to follow...

Love you Rhi!!!


susie said…
Yes!!! Thanks Sarah, I have been thinking about you ALL and knew you would be speedy at posting,cause you are just awesome that way! Looks like a FUN time for all. Can't wait for more. From Erin's mom, Susie
Super cute decorations, and that is so sweet! And lady, you look GREAT!
Rhi said…
It was amazing! Thank you so much for everything, I can't remember the last time I felt that loved!

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