Monday Funday.

I love Mondays.  
Not sure many people can say that.

Monday is the one day Ava has preschool,
and even if it's only for 3 hours, those 3 hours
also fall exactly when Norah's nap time is.

I may or may not of worked VERY hard to 
change that to her nap time when we determined
when Ava would be attending school...

Not saying I don't just love spending time with 
with both these girls, because I do. 

They are both pretty amazing.

Look at this face.
 Where's Norah???
 There she is!!!
 I was standing in the kitchen today, talking to Ava when
I see this little face peek in the window.

Thing is she is too short to be up that high...
 Ummm yeah, that's what I thought.
 36 seconds after I got her dressed, drenched.
 Ava thinks it's funny (I'm not admitting I do too)
 How cute is this girl?
 I almost miss her while she is at school.
I love that she loves it though.
 This one is pretty cute too.
 And she cracks herself up, wonder where she gets that...

Anyhow, not only did I get my 3 hours but John
& I also got to go out on a date night!  Yay!
 Love my husband.
 Oh and these crazy kids.  
What is Norah doing exactly??