Well, today marks a little over three weeks 
that I have had bronchitis.  

It's really not that serious, just soooo annoying. 

Consequently, my running isn't going very well.  
My lungs just can't do it which is a slippery slope 
because then the rest of my body doesn't feel
used to it like it had.  

I'm still going, here and there, but it's not the same.
I don't go as far and I don't go as fast.  

It's very disappointing.  

This post was going to be a bunch of pictures because 
I have a ton (whats new) to share but my computer 
seems to be sick too.

I can't edit my photos because it's taking about 6 million times 
as long as it usually does for some strange reason.  

I think it's actually a sign that I should OPEN the Photoshop 
box I got for my birthday, which I would do if I didn't feel so 
overwhelmed with photos to edit, kind of a catch 22, no?

It occurred to me that these conditions may be related.

The computer is super slow BECAUSE of all these pictures.

It wouldn't be the first time it became a complete snail and I 
realized that I had surpassed it's ability to function with the
mass amount of photos I dump on it.  It's kind of ridiculous.  

But I LOVE pictures!!
 (As you may have guessed).   

So on that note, here are a few to tide us over until tomorrow 
when I hopefully have some time to sit down and address the 
problem.  AKA photo editing or the story of my life.  : )

 Hi!  (Her favorite thing to say)
 Favorite sand pose, that or laying down "relaxing" in it.
 Two pretty girls.

 I love just watching them play.

This kills me, so cute.  
(oh and yes, she is hugging her & 
Norah is happy about it...this time)

Ok, see now I feel better.  
Pictures always help.


Nain said…
Feel better! And I agree....very pretty girls :-)