Saturday evening we went to my aunt Linda's house
for a birthday party. Not just any birthday party,
but a surprise party.

Linda was the guest of honor, she turned 60 right around
Christmas time and decided to celebrate half-birthday style.
She put together a 3 day birthday extravaganza.
On Wednesday she golfed & then hit up the casino.
Thursday we all went and volunteered at the food bank.
She was wrapping things up with Friday,
a day of massages and a Ticket to Ride marathon at her house.

Little did she know that her wife Kim had planned a
surprise party for her on Saturday.
It was kind of a last minute gig but with about 4
days of planning she had at least 60 people show up!
Pretty impressive turn out.

Super fun party, great food, fantastic weather,
wonderful friends & family,
total hit!

I can't think of a more deserving recipient then my
wonderful aunt!


Rhi said…
Ava's party dress is so pretty and white-did she keep it clean?!?!?
Sarah said…
At one point I handed her the most huge plate of watermelon not even cut up, just shaking my head at my disregard for the white dress. She only got the smallest drip on part of it. I was pretty impressed. :)

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