Colton turned 3 and a half.

On Friday Mom & I went shopping.
Ava got to play at the little place at the mall.
She was able to climb up the little bridge this time,
that made her day.

We had a nice lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.

Then we were off to Colton's house for his half birthday
party. Colton was born on Christmas day so he needs an
extra birthday this time each year.

The kids danced.

And wore party hats:
Ava played on Colton's new bed.
It is the coolest bunk bed I have ever seen.
Erik made it out of bookshelves.
It has tons of storage and a little fort type area under the bed.

Ava was diggin the watermelon,
no shock to me since it was the my VERY
favorite food while pregnant with her.
My Sis Jessica & Auntie Linda

Blowing out the candles.
Colton's new favorite game,
T ball in the house.
Fun party, the first of three for the weekend.
We love our parties...


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