Our Little Slice of Paradise

Ok, two things.
First off I realize many of these photos are similar.
I can't delete any of them though,
I enjoy the story they tell.
They remind me of one of those flip books that
goes image by image and tells a story.

Secondly, these photos make me so happy that my
husband has created such a beautiful backyard
filled with flowers for us to enjoy.
These photos also make me mad at him
for not taking more photos more frequently.
He is amazing.

See what I mean?


Wow, what a beautiful garden! And adorable pictures, as always....
guzzi guy said…
Cute interaction between the two lawn dwellers! I love John's flower display!
Anonymous said…

Oh, Lily.

How I wish you were mine.

You're just so adorable, I can't even handle it.

Then when you turned on your back?

Okay, I did something weird with hitting enter, so I'm not sure if that last comment had my name or not - if not, it was me!

If it did, this message will explode in 3, 2, 1...

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