The girl likes to sing...

Three dollar microphone,
Best. Toy. Ever.
It doesn't actually make you sound louder.
It more so amplifies only to the one singing.

She may not be a great singer,
but she sure enjoys the act of singing.

Even off pitch and painful to your ears,
she is still MY favorite little singer!

Here are a few shots of Ava with
Auntie Jessica:

Could they possibly be more adorable together?


ha, that's adorable...who is her favorite singer? My 4 year old niece absolutely LOVES Taylor Swift...she sings all of the songs, and it's absolutely adorable!
Kelly said…
Hey, I used to have one of those! You're right, they're wonderful :)
Sarah said…
I think SHE is her favorite singer, at least for now. She might pick my but I have no voice to write home about either! lol.

& Kelly, I think we all need one!
Jessica Gies said…
Nope, we couldn't be any more adorable. :) Thanks for posting me & Aves together! Love you!!!
Rhi said…
Ava and Auntie Jessica always take such cute pictures together! :)

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