The Graduation Party

Immediately after our croquet party we headed
up to my Mom's house for a graduation party.

My wonderful Brother Chris & my fabulous
sister-in-law D'Auna both just finished up
their first four years of college.
I say first because
Chris still has another 8 years ahead of him.
This couple is one of the most amazing examples
of what a relationship should look like.
They got married a week out of high school yet
I have never been more confident that a couple
would make it then them. They are strong in their faith
and their strength as a couple radiates off of them.
They always continue to inspire me.

When we arrived, Chris, D'Auna & my other brother Jeff
were in the middle of a treasure hunt.
They followed clue after clue around the property
until the final one that led them to their prize.

They won a bag of locks? As in pad locks.
I didn't really get the prize but the hunt was super fun.

Here are a few shots of my Mom's beautiful ponds:

Quite a few people had a blast jumping on the trampoline,
Ava of course among them.
She really enjoyed watching them too.
Three of my favorite people:
I adore Abby but I must say,
Ava is her biggest fan ever!
Here are all three of the graduates:
Tiffani just finished up her masters degree
all while working full time and raising a three year old.

Here is one last shot, Ava snuggling with Great-Grandma Judy.
My mom threw quite the party.
A great time was had by all.

We are so proud of all our graduates!!
Here is to their bright future!