The Croquet Party

Yep, that's my girl.
Good think she loves parties,
Saturday we partied all day long.

We started with a croquet party at our house.

Ava loved relaxing on Grandma Angi's lap.
Me & My Dad
Here is Malia, we laughed as it was suggested her mother
move her while Julia took her shot. Hope just laughed
and said "um no, I think she will be fine" She was right,
the ball stopped short of hitting her.
It's good to throw in extra obstacles,
it makes the game that much more fun.
Julia was cracking me up, she watched each shot we all
made like a hawk, making sure all rules were followed.
At one point I hit HER ball and asked her what my options
were. She says "Oh you could hit this persons ball
out or just take your shot." I loved how she acted like
the person I could hit out wasn't her.
My Dad won, Jessica was second, I was third,
John forth, hope fifth and Julia took up sixth place.
We had a great time playing croquet,
& a nice time visiting.

What a nice way to spend the first Summer day we have seen in forever!
Funny to think our lawn was flooded just a few days ago...


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