Ashlee's Baby Shower

This is Ashlee.
On Saturday we went to her baby shower.
I love this picture of her,
it isn't from the shower but I thought I would
share anyway.
Here are a few shots from the shower,
here is my sister in law D'Auna & my Mom.
It was nice & hot
so we got to put our feet in the pool.
Beautiful Ashlee:

For our shower game, we decorated onesies.
Sadly, I did not win.
If I offered a close up of my onesie you would
totally see why. Lets just say I wasn't too
surprised at the not winning part.

Very fun little shower.
It is always so exciting to see a family
planning for their first baby.
Brings me back a little...


Rhi said…
decorating onesies is about the cutest idea I've heard so something new to do at a shower. awesome!

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