Maybe Summer is hiding at the beach?

Here are a few beach shots,
check out that blue sky!!

Flying sand
This was our first of about 7 trips down to the sand
this time, just me & Ava.
Then Tyler came to visit!
...and back to the beach.
Check out those cool shades:
Here is Abby with Ava,
Ava loves Abby.
I think I have mentioned that before : )
When we arrived at the beach house Ava
got upset that we weren't going directly
to the beach. I informed her Abby was already in
the house. She says "Good. Abby will make me happy."
I don't know what Tyler is doing here:
Again, check out that sky:
Naked kids = happy kids!

De-sanding time
This picture was taken at the outlet mall.
About a minute after I took it that little boy
following Ava cracked his head open on a
park bench. I think he is ok but there was sure a
lot of blood. Poor boy, poor parents, being a
parent sure can be stressful!
And back to the beach,
where it is a little less head injury prone.
Abby & Ava built lots of sand castles,
she taught her this new wet sand sculptures too.
Here are the sand sculptures:
Auntie D'Auna reading to Ava
Back to the sand!
I am telling you it went something like:
beach, bath, beach, bath, beach, bath...repeat
Trying to jump and reach the giant kite:
But seriously with weather this nice
who wants to stay inside?
We got to hang out with 2 aunts, my uncle, cousin, both brothers, sister in law, mom, step dad, 3 best friends & 2 other new friends. We played lots of games and added a new one to our repertoire of addiction, Settlers of Catan.

We LOVE the beach!

Oh and on the drive home as we headed inland
the weather turned cloudy and rainy!

We seriously almost turned around and went back!

But I missed my husband...


April said…
Aww, how fun! What beach did you guys go to? (I'm assuming not the Gulf, as there was a lack of tar-balls in your pictures...)

Also! I love love love Settlers of Catan ... it was introduced to me by my best friend, and it's so much fun to play!
Looks fun!!! I love the beach...too bad we live in landlocked Indiana...
Sarah said…
Lincoln City, Oregon. It is funny it seems to generally have opposite weather that we have here in Portland. If it is nice here you may be really disappointed if you head to the beach...
The Iwen's: said…
All just so adorable...I wanna go!!!
Rhi said…
I forgot about Tyler wearing Ava's sweatshirt with hearts on it :)

can't wait to come again-looks like by some crazy act of the scheduling gods I have the 3rd and 4th off from work!!!!!