Busy Hands, Happy Heart.

On Monday Ava and I went to visit Billy
and her four children.

She jokingly refers to herself as a child collector,
always saying how sorry she feels for Octomom.

Really she is doing great, she just feels a little like her
attention is so divided,
and there is NO sleep to be had.

This is Amelie:
She is 3 1/2
Oh so adorable!
This is Ben:
He just turned one.
I love his curly hair!
This is baby Zech:
3 weeks old
simply cute as a button!
I would show you a picture of Brad
her 16 year old
but he is far too busy with his friends
for photos people!

Anyhow, Billy has her hands full.

Ava loves coming to visit our friends!
The kids even got to play outside:

They also ate some disgusting yogurt thing
that I will vow never to buy.
Billy may be a child collector
but she sure collects cute kids!



Rhi said…
She has crazy good mommy skills. Enough said!
Sarah said…
No doubt about that!
Tracy said…
Wow, they cut the lawn ;) I don't know how they have time to do that with all the little ones! Miss you all!