A few Great Wolf Lodge photos

Grandpa is recovering well so far.
We just need to keep an eye on how he is healing.
He will also most likely be released to a rehabilitaion center
for about 3 weeks before he can go home.
On the up side, maybe after all of this,
his home will feel more like home.

I thought I would share some photos from our
Great Wolf Lodge trip the other day:

Ava playing guitar hero:

Out of all the children listening to story time Ava was
the ONLY one to rush up and hug the wolf character.
So cute:

She liked all the stuffed wolves in the gift shop.
And begged grandma to buy her one.
John said no but maybe surprise her with one later.
Trying to teach her she doesn't just get what ever
she asks for the minute she asks.
I don't know what is going on here,
maybe grandma is telling her secrets?
This is a little peak at the water park:
Here is Ava when she was surprised with the wolf
the next day:

I think she likes her!


That picture when she is surprised with her wolf is too cute. The look of happiness on her face is just priceless...

So... I can't really handle adults dressed up as animals. That's just creepy.

But I'm glad she enjoyed it.
Sarah said…
I too, LOVE the look on her face when she got that stuffed animal.

Megan, not to worry, I think your fear is shared by many. Just don't tip off Ava to these dressed up adults evil ways, for now I am enjoying the joy they bring her. We are going to wait a few years to explain how creepy they actually are :)

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