Happy Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day.

First off, a big shout out to my Dad who I absolutely love & adore.
He is a wonderful man & I feel very blessed to have him in my life.
He even lives super close by which is a big bonus.
We often get to catch up over a last minute
glass of wine or Ava viewing.
We celebrated Father's Day with my Dad on Wednesday.
He is out of town today, plus I had to work.
Hope you had a wonderful trip Dad!
Love you!!

What did my husband do today?

Spend every second playing with Ava.

He truly is such a great dad.
There is nothing that fills my heart like seeing the
two of them, happy, together.

Here are a few pictures John took of Ava today
in the garage riding her tricycle.

He tried to get her to take a spin on the balance
bike but she has something against that thing.
Here she is looking tortured:
All smiles when he gave up.

I have no idea what she is explaining here
but I love this picture.

I love it when he takes pictures of her.
I wish I would of got out there to take a few of them together.

Since I didn't do that, I figured I could share
a few of the pictures I already have of my two favorite people:

There is nothing better then knowing you picked
the absolute perfect father for your children.

That choice has brought me more peace then anything ever has.

I love you John.

You truly are the best.


Aw, I love those pictures - a girl and her daddy...so sweet!
guzzi guy said…
She is explaining that her grandpa rides a Guzzi of course!
Sarah said…
Yeah, that was what I was figuring.
Kelly said…
What an adorable kiddo you guys have there! Daughter/daddy interaction is always so sweet :)
Sarah said…
Thanks, we are her biggest fan!