Our New Favorite Park

We heard about this new park near our
house that sounded really cool,
it has water!

Funny thing was apparently it is not
quite as "new" as I thought.

I think I am the last person to know about
it actually.

I even ran into one of my friends there with
her two little girls.

Here are some pictures of the kids playing together:

We liked the park so much
we made John come back there with us
two days later.

It has these giant saucer like swings.
Ava loved them!

And sand!

Ava loved walking around the cement seating area
that surrounds the water part.

This park is right next to the airport
so you see all sorts of cool planes
just over head.

I just love parks with water features.
Nothing better on a hot day.

Yes lets sit with that a moment,
Hot. Day.

This is a new thing around here,
we need to appreciate it all we can!!


guzzi guy said…
Wow! Really nice place.
Looks like a lot of fun!
April said…
Aww, that looks like fun. We had a park very similar to this in Chattanooga...