Where to Begin??

Well I am finally doing it. A blog must happen. I was laying in bed last night and thinking how regretful I am that I didn't start a blog while pregnant with Ava because my memory fails me to all the details of that time, but now that she is saying funny things on a daily basis, the time has come.

For instance: this morning I was scrambling around the house throwing myself together to be out the door on time for Ava's doctors appointment and I called to John "what time is it?" He says "it is 9 o'clock" Ava jumps in with "IT'S NINE O'ClOCK PEOPLE!!"

She did great at the doctors office and managed to hold back her tears through the three shots they gave her, she also sat perfectly still and let the doctor examine her. She weighs 25 lbs and is slowing down in height a bit.

Afterward we went and met up with the wonderful Macy's and had lunch and played at The Children's Museum. It is difficult to convince 3 small children to all go in the same direction but we managed to pull it off for the most part. Should get really interesting once Billy has their next baby and when we finally get around to having another one, 5 small kids will keep us on our toes for sure, maybe even at home in slippers, only time will tell. : )