Too Many Kids!!

Our good friends Katharina & Travis asked us to watch their 2 little ones. We said hell no, not until you watch Ava first! Well that is not exactly how the conversation went but it is how it all worked out. We decided to swap off watching each others kids Friday and Saturday night.

Travis just copped a feel, which is why Katharina is laughing so hard in this photo -->

Well I have to say where one night included delicious cuisine, a handsome adoring husband and a delightful movie, the other went a bit differently.

Kid food, playing on the floor, sharing management, hide and seek, reading books, kid movies and popcorn. A fun night, a little exhausting at times but it was great. Camden & Morgan are really well behaved kids, I just love them! At one point Ava was being bossy as they all tried to pile into the ball pit together and Camden was quick to put her in her place. "You be nice to my bestest and only sister, I love her!" I don't think he held it against Ava though because he proceeded to get pretty cuddly with her in the ball pit.

Now for the really fun part, the kids just went home & Ava is in bed!! Break out the cocktails! John wouldn't let me have any wine while we had them over, too funny since it seems wine goes so well with kids : )

Here is a video of Camden singing, he is so funny (and talented!)

Here are a few pictures from the night:

Really I wouldn't mind doing this sort of trade off all the time, as long as the kids are this good!

We are going to need that part in writing... : )


John Gamble said…
It was fun...they are such good and polite kids.
Tracy said…
You blog looks great! This is so perfect for you to do.. since you take so many photos all the time and are so good at it!
Sarah said…
Thanks Tracy, I really appreciate you giving me feed back. It makes me feel like someone is actually reading this :)

Oh and thanks my love for commenting too! You are the best!
Rhi said…
a little boy singing ABBA. priceless.

kid trade-off for date night is a great idea! I'm glad both nights were fun, in their own different ways :)
Sarah said…
I love how the song ends on a big bite of peas, haha! Anytime you want to do a date night trade off we are down, we love us some Tyler action!!
Rhi said…
good idea especially because Tyler likes you more than Erik, who he always cries for lol