Is that funny??

Ava loves asking me that, "Is that funny mommy?" Yes, Ava, you ARE funny. She also loves asking me "mommy what doing??" and she has started picking up some of the things I always say. One of my favorites is "rabble rabble", she also has begun the use of something else I happen to say quite a bit, well sort of, it comes out "what eber". Cute & far.


Unknown said…
Haha, why does mommy say "rabble rabble"?
Sarah said…
When I am frustrated? Or all the time for no reason. Not sure, but I love saying it. :)
Jessica Gies said…
Although I really don't like pictures with the dirty face... Ava's eyes are gorgeous and they look just like Mom's. :)
Anonymous said…
It was fun catching up on the Gamble group. I loved the George pics. I did that with Lizzy, my grandaughter, who turned 18 yesterday. We are doing her birthday today at the Olive Garden.. Keep enjoying Ava!!!
Sarah said…
Hard not to Claralee : ) Thanks for reading & commenting!

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