Enjoys long walks on the beach...

Free baby.

So she isn't getting any better yet. Just working on testing our nerves more. She IS sometimes cute and snugly like I let on in the last post but since I had to go and write that down she has of course changed that to annoying and demanding.

We were planning a little rare family outing this morning and she totally blew it.

She even woke up and STAYED UP at 5:30 AM!!!

So like I said, free baby. Let us know.

We need a date night.


guzzi guy said…
You haven't utilized us yet...
Sarah said…
Ok what time should we bring her by??
Rhi said…
I'll take her!!! She's my favorite little girl :)
Sarah said…
Thanks Rhi, what time should we bring her by?

I am willing to share her (with select people)

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