Camera Challenged.

John has been using our camera for work these days and I feel like all I have done is miss shot after shot. STOP BEING CUTE AVA! Ok, maybe that is not the solution : ) Anyhow I thought I would share some recent favorite photos in the time being until John fixes this travesty...

These two are from Ava's birthday:

I LOVE how absolutely TWO she looks in this one:

Colton, Ava & Tyler

Her new thing: Ditch the jammies. (Notice them lying on the floor next to the crib)

Daddy Snuggles:

Uncle Chris:


Tracy said…
The daddy snuggles picture is sooooo cute! Love it!
Sarah said…
I do too, they are both pretty cute with their kids :) Ava has started saying to John just randomly "I love you daddy!!"