Sharing is HOT!

One of the many things I love about Ava is the way she is with other children.

At Pump It Up the other day a set of two children were putting their coats on ready to leave and Ava waves to them & says "Bye friends! Thanks for coming! Drive careful!"

We were at the park the other day and a little girl who was just about 6 months older then Ava kept going down the slide. Ava would wait patiently at the bottom of the slide and encourage her saying "Good job!" She then would get right in her face and say "IT'S MY TURN!"

There is a good balance to this kid. Erik says she will do well in the corporate world.

She also gets crazy excited about peanut butter. A food she has not been allowed to have until this week. She jumps up and down giggling and laughing, chanting about peanut butter. Just wait until I give her coffee. She really has her eye on that too.

Tea party with Colton & Elmo!


Matthew said…
sharing IS hot!!!!!!!!!

what better compliment can I give her and your parenting that I never fear she will beat Ty up, knock him down on purpose or really teach him naughty things. If she does, Colton must be around :D

Sarah said…
Aahhh thanks Rhi, I have to agree she is (most of the time) a really good girl. I am totally head over heels. :)
Tracy said…
Ava is so sweet, and smart! Wow, 'sharing is hot' really got around, how funny! I love it! And now that I think about it.. sharing IS kinda hot!!!
Jessica Gies said…
Ava is such a good girl. I love it that she knows how to stand up for herself! :)
Sarah said…
I think that is the cutest thing said by a kid ever! I will keep it going forever Tracy! :)