Planes, Trains and Automobiles...

Ok so there were no planes but we did start the weekend off by playing our favorite train game.

Friday, Dad and Angi came over and brought a wonderful Zab Thai feast which was followed by Angi's first run at Ticket to Ride. I wasn't sure Dad had been bitten by the bug or not until I got a phone call from him wanting to come over and give it another try (he looked frustrated and angry through the first round a couple weeks ago) and sure enough I think we may have him hooked. We will see when the next call comes in. : )

Next comes automobiles...the longest trip to a baby shower ever! I love Meka and wanted to go to her baby shower, but Tacoma, seriously? Sure why not?

Ava.....Enough said.

We survived though, it wasn't too bad. I am not sure I have ever heard her say "Mommy" so many times!!! Or her other favorite phrase "I need something else" What does she need? I have no idea, but we definitely didn't have it.

The shower was a lot of fun and I was so excited to get a melting Ava into the car where she would instantly fall asleep which would lend to a quite, peaceful ride home. Nope, it took her another hour and a half before she gave up. She is a bit stubborn, wonder where she gets that from?

John, Erik and Matt got some tickets to see a motocross event at the Rose Garden and rode the MAX downtown to enjoy a much needed guys night out. They ate hot wings at Fire on the Mountain, stopped by the Widmer brewery, went to the show, played pool and ended the evening at Matt's with video games. Tiffani & I stayed in and had a nice evening with the kids.

Fun weekend, now it is time to start my work week (all 3 days of it!) : )

Speaking of planes though, can't help wishing we were taking one somewhere cool. I want to go to Aruba again, however I could settle for some other tropical white sandy beach...


Rhi said…
I need something else? Priceless and let so lacking in necessary info!
Sarah said…
Rrrr she loves saying that! Whateber!

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