Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Video Attempts:

The videos were not working on this site for a few days but I think they are up and running again so we shall celebrate with a few more videos! The first is Colton singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (scroll down a few days to see Ava's turn, they sometimes share, even the spotlight)


My favorite part is the taaa-daaaaa!!

This next one is an old one that I came across the other day that I just LOVE!! My favorite part is when she randomly kisses John's knee, so stinkin cute!! The quality isn't great on this one but I think it still has it's charms...



Rhi said...

I love the "happy dance!"

Sarah said...

Me too, I miss it, she doesn't do it anymore. :(

Tracy said...

I clicked here to comment that I love the happy dance! I see someone beat me to it (:

Sarah said...

She started doing it again now, sort of, I think it is more of a "I got my way" dance :)