Well Check

 I took the girls in for their well visit on Tuesday.  Norah was immediately concerned that they may give her a shot.  Ava was confident that even though she doesn't like shots, she would be brave and not cry, just like the last few times she had them.  
When we arrived at the doctors office Norah was delighted, she said "Oh I love this place, they never give me shots here!"  Um, not true.  But there are fish, so that's cool.  : )
 Both girls got an eye test done, Ava got her first 20/20 and Norah knew all the letters, she was doing great on her test until all of a sudden she just decided she was no longer participating in eye tests that day.  And that was that.  She just stood there saying, I don't know at any question and looking away.  It was kind of funny since she was all into it and doing great at first.  
 The rest of the appointment went great.  Many years of playing doctor at home make these kids into the perfect little patients.  I was really happy to see that Ava passed her hearing test, she got a perfect score whereas she has completely failed all 3 she's had in the past.  Weird. 
No shots and everyone got a sucker anyway, happy kids!

Here is their stats, just so I can look back some day.  
Ava weighs 44lbs, and is 46 inches tall, so she is in the 40% for weight and 60% for height.

Norah weights 26lbs and is 35.5 inches tall, she is 7% for weight and 15% for height.  

Healthy, happy little girls, love that!


guzzi guy said…
Nice to hear that all is well health wise!