Monday, February 3, 2014

Birthday Girl.

Sunday was Norah's birthday.  I feel like we've been on the count down FOREVER.  It's all she's talked about.  I do love her enthusiasm! 
 Don't let this face fool you, she loved every bit of prep that has gone into her birthday.  This is mid-cupcake making, she wanted chocolate cupcakes to bring to Sunday school.  
I can't tell you how much I have been enjoying the girls and I's Sundays together, I love our church and I love how my eyes have really opened up to God showing up in my life in a million little ways every day.  I feel so overwhelmed with blessings. 

 Cheesy smile nailed.

 We were super lucky to have Bayli join us for the weekend.  We even did a little drive practice since her big test is on Monday.  She did so great, I am beyond proud of her!  I would be surprised if she doesn't pass her test with flying colors!  

 Sugar fan.

 Why not?
 More sugar prep.
 And my most proud crafty project, I present a robot!!  Built out of gifts for our girl.  All she wants when you ask her is a robot, so this is so perfect!  You should of seen her face when she woke up and came out to see this sitting on the table.  I actually got it on video so maybe some day you will...

 I'm THREE!! 
 When she woke up she announced that she had turned 3 while she was sleeping.  : )

 Sisterly love.
We had a really fun Super Bowl party with Erik & Tiffani, and Mike.  Tiffani & I went on a quick run, which is the perfect way to start a day of junkie food and festivities.  The day was made even better by the team we were all rooting for winning, go Seahawks! 
 Trying a drink she didn't care for AT ALL. 

We couldn't love her more, our little bug has the most wonderful little personality!! 

Tomorrow is the big party, she can hardly stand the wait but I'd bet she's going to have a great time! 

Happy Birthday Norah!! 
Here's to THREE.