Monday, February 10, 2014

Snowed In.

We've had a nice time being shut in while the world shuts down over snow.  
 Snow angels have been made.

Snow men were attempted.  I guess the snow was no good for this.  : (

Malia came over to play! 

 John got out there and played with the girls.

 They loved it.
 He buried them.

 They broke free.

 Snow ball fights happened.

 Counter top dancing happened.
 We're going a little stir crazy but we've managed to have lots of relaxing fun times working on staying entertained.  We had a nice dinner party with our great neighbors Saturday night. Food has been plotted for my new pressure cooker, muffins have been baked, detox tea made, salad prepped for the coming week. A little exercise has occurred.  Games have been played.  Helicopter courses built.  Also lot of cleaning and organizing has occurred, not that the house shows it, it's looking pretty lived in.  Oh-well.  Hoping to escape to the real world again soon... : ) 

Love snow days, now we are done, let's move on....