32 years!

John, my step-dad, has been working at Intel as long as I've known him.  Today came the end of an era, and surely the beginning of lots of traveling, fun, and family time.  IF he actually stays retired, I have my doubts on that one.  : )
 When we first arrived at the party we talked to John and then a few minutes later we glanced across the room and saw him standing in the corner, kinda creepily by himself, wearing entirely different clothes.  I watched him for a minute and realized he wasn't moving and soon realized he wasn't REAL.  It was pretty funny!  I know it doesn't look that real in the picture, the flash on my camera messed it all up, but I'm telling you, it looked life-like.  So funny!!  
 Sweet little Ava.  These girls ate 763 of these fruit skewers, every time we went back they were restocking them.  Norah even asked some lady at our table for a strawberry off her skewer, hahaha.  : )
 Chris & D'Auna, so cute!!
 John and his parents, John & Judy.
 With the grand babies.  : )
 So cute!
 Could these ladies be anymore photogenic???!  Beautiful!!
 Lots of cake!

 They were delicious, I tried all 3 : )
 It's also John's birthday next week. 
 Thumbs up!
Way to go grandpa John!
 John gave his final Intel power point presentation, complete with a great slide show. 

 It was fun listening to all the speeches honoring him. 

 Chris gave my favorite speech.  It was perfect.  I'm glad he could stand up and say nice things for all of us, we aren't so brave, but they need to be said.  Thanks Chris, you rock!
 He got those skills from John, also an excellent speech giver. 

 Happy little cake eater.
 She turned so blue.
 This is John's brother Jeff and his icosahedron-shaped lamp, he brings it to parties, I can't explain it.

This face: "MOM!  Dad won't let me have more cake!!"
 My sweeties.  
I love a nice night out with my family!  So fun!
Everyone needs a life size cut out of themselves!  Love it! 

John we are so happy for you and proud of all you accomplished in your career!  
Now lets keep partying!


Rhi said…
that was A LOT of cake!!!