Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Art is Messy.

These pictures are from last week but I don't want to forget to put them up.
 Norah LOVES to paint.
 Painting with friends?  Even better.

 I give her a brush because that makes it less messy, RIGHT??
Yes, she is painting her hand.

 Um, now what happened?

 She looks equally perplexed.
 But still happy.  She just remembered that making a mess is her favorite thing to do.
 Now she is clapping paint covered hands together and laughing in a glee-like state where paint is flying EVERYWHERE.
 Hopefully Audrey isn't taking notes.

 And just in case she wasn't dirty enough...
 Now I take off her shirt?  That's just smart parenting right there.
 This is Norah's new robot, she loves it!

Fighting over mommy Lauren, Norie adores her, we all do.

Hey Jessica, do you now see why I was afraid of non-washable paint??  : )


Rhi said...

I can't believe you let her paint with clothes on lol, didn't you always make Ava take hers off when she was the younger and only???? :)