Thursday, February 13, 2014

If the shoe fits...

Both of the girls love getting new shoes, so they were of course both thrilled when they each got a shiny new pair yesterday from grandma.  They nearly match and both light up, which has been on Ava's want list FOREVER.  

 What's even more fun than new shoes?  

Stealing your sisters new shoes of course!!

 So cute!  And I'm so glad they don't have laces!! 

Now she just needs pants.
 Here's Norah sneaking some love from Ava while she's hard at work busting out 28 Valentines. 
This has got to be the biggest project she's ever done for school.  It was fun watching her go through the list, working on getting them all done.  
Maybe I will just randomly buy Valentines for her to have to fill out, it's such great writing practice!

Thanks again mom for the shoes, you're the best!! 


Rhi said...

Seren LOVES her light up shoes :) I wanted light up shoes so badly when I was little too..never got them!