Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Norah's Party

We had a wonderful birthday celebration!  We had about 40!! people over to celebrate our little girl.  Couldn't feel more blessed!!

 We were running errands today and she says "Mom, you know what? I'm going to be three every day from now on..."  So funny!

 She was so happy to have all her friends come celebrate with her!

 Happiness is presents! 

 I'm still really proud of my crafty robot making skills!

 A little messy!

 So much fun!

 Sweet little birthday girl!

 Love my love.

 Norah really loved all the robot love.  Jessica, Nate and Maxes mom, MADE her her very own robot.  
 She adores it.  

 We got her a little remote control robot, she loves that too.

I'm so grateful for this little girl.  She lights up our lives every day. 

Thank you for everyone that came out to surround her with love.  
We really appreciate all of you!!  xoxo

Happy Birthday Norah!


guzzi guy said...

That was a very fun party!