Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Fun!

 What a fun weekend!!

Saturday we visited with Asher and Audrey, I even left the girls there for a bit while I went running, thank you Lauren!!  
Then we went to a birthday party for Collin at Pump it Up, super fun!!  

And that night John and I enjoyed a date night out, thanks to Heidi and Brian for watching our little rug rats!!
 We went to Benihanas, it was amazing!! Not only was it super delicious, but we also had a really entertaining chef (B-Rad, you should request him) and some great strangers that we sat with that were really fun to talk to.  It made for a great dinner!! 
 Love this guy so much!! He's been working so hard.  I'm glad he got a tiny break, he literally worked the entire rest of the weekend.  : (
 Could this girl, or this dress be more cute??!?
 I'm just adding these for fun.  
Love my family, love our weekends together!