A great start to our week....

We had a really great day today (Monday)!  They announced Sunday that Ava's school would remain closed so I knew we needed to get out of the house.  I wasn't quite ready to drive my car since our road hadn't melted much but I was determined to get us the heck out.  

First I assembled the bike trailer stroller, thinking the girls could cozy up inside with blankets while I pushed them through the snow.  I only made it a few feet before I realized this was. not. happening.  So out they went and I grabbed the good old Bob stroller.  It was brilliant in the deep slushy terrain.  This meant Ava had to walk but she said that it really was for the best since her new jeans weren't really good for sitting.  I guess they are a little stiff, ha ha.  

 I was worried if we didn't leave, this may be how they spent their day.  
 They were pretty excited when I announced we'd be going to visit our friends.  

I was impressed that Ava made it the whole mile in the snow with no real complaining.  She was a joy to talk with and guide, it gave us lots of opportunities to discuss snow, ice, the dangers of the road and a million other subjects that came up.
 When we got there she was excited to swing, last time she didn't get a chance to and this time it was in snow, which makes everything more special.  She is so good at pumping now, what a great development!  No more pushing, well for her...
This one still needs some work.  : )
Next we took the kids over to the coffee shop and treated them to some bagels. 
 After that we took them back to Lauren's where they got to play for several hours and decorate gingerbread men!  So fun!!

 Messy projects are always the most fun!

On the way home I surprised the girls with the suggestion to stop (even though we were supposed to be hurrying home for Norah's nap) and build a snowman!  Last time we had tried the snow wouldn't stick together but this snow was perfect!
Build a friend!

So great that Ava made it the whole two mile round trip with a great attitude, what a blessing!  

Since Norah went down for such a late nap I decided I better wake her up.  As she was waking up, I leaned my face against hers and whispered to her "I love you Norah".  She looked lovingly at me and said "I love blankets with elephants on them."  ha ha ha

This really fun day was wrapped up with me getting to go to the grocery store, in my car, by myself!!  Such a treat after being cooped up for so many days!! I don't think I have driven anywhere since Wednesday!  

I did enjoy our little snow event but I'm really happy it's now over!!