Cookie Fun!

Yesterday we had a blast making cookies with these two!  
 How cute are they in their Star Wars costumes?  

 Their happy little faces are the best!!  Totally worth the mess!!

My issue with making cookies with kids, beyond the mess, is that I end up eating the cookies and the dough, also children get bored with the process a few cookies in so you end up doing all the work.  This time I had the great idea to give half the dough away before we started. which made the whole process quicker, then I sent the rest of the cookies home with our friends, PERFECT.  I consumed less than one cookie, yay!  Ok, truth be told I may of eaten some of the dough before they arrived...

Really fun project, we will for sure be doing this again soon. This is the BEST recipe, if you feel like making some too.  : )

Happy Weekend!