Zoo Fun!

On Tuesday we decided to hit up the Oregon Zoo with our little BFF's Asher & Audrey. 
We are loving having a pass, this is the first time we've gotten a chance to use it in the daylight, as we went at night last time, for Zoo Lights.
 Bats!  The girls always ask to see these guys.  They are pretty cool!

 Flamingos!  So cool!
 I love little Audrey's reflection in the glass. 

 Giraffes!  (Don't you love how I'm labeling these for you, what would you do with out me?!)

 She wasn't interested in mommy helping her, she wanted to do it herself!  : )

 I adore these two!
 So fun!  This is always my favorite spot to take pictures.
 Being stocked.
 Love this one!

 Why Ava gotta be so serious??

 Hands full.
 Baby Lily!

 Ava was so sweet and big-sisterly to Audrey, love it!

What a fun day at the zoo!  Can't wait to go back!


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