Christmas, all four parts.

Things have been so busy and I have a million photos to share, I can't decide which to start with, current ones or catch up with Christmas!  Here's my attempt to catch up quickly...

Our Christmas is broken into 4 stages, I'm just going to shove them all into one post since we are a little behind around here.  The first part is Christmas Eve morning, where we do our little families Christmas morning one day early, this year we were joined by John's parents.
 The girls had such a nice time having their grandparents stay with us all week, as did we!

 Santa & the reindeer enjoyed their treats. 
 We got up way before the kids.  It was a nice relaxing morning, drinking coffee & waiting for them to come out and see what Santa had brought.
 The living room was taken over by a big Hot Wheels race track and My Little Ponies galore. 

 Norah got the things on her list: A pretend mom, a horse, a pig and a ship, Ava got her requests, My Little Pony Castle, Games to play with her sister, she was just missing her reindeer costume.  

 The next stage, is our families big Christmas Eve party.  It's a ton of people, food and fun, complete with a white elephant exchange of gifts.  

 I thought this was really cute.  That's Jay.
 Will & Jessica, enjoying their first Christmas together.
 Chris, D'Auna & Alayah.
 Waving to her adoring fans.
 Scott & John making each other laugh.
 I present to you, our Christmas.  
 Colton & Vivienne
 The girls with Abby
 Jessica & Will, still laughing.  : )
 Erik & Tiffani
 Santa enters the room, Norah runs to him.  She is so brave.

 Looking Six.

 Scott & Vivienne
 Christmas toes.
  Erik, Colton & Tiffani

 John & Barby
 Silly Goose
 Jan & Julie
 Sibling Love

The 3rd part, is Christmas Morning, which we spent over at my dad's house.  It was a really fun morning.  I'm not sure why I didn't take more pictures.  I guess I took a few when we first arrived then forgot all about taking more, pretty disappointing as you can't even see who all was there.  

 Jessica & John
 Bob & Barby

 Upside down
   Yeah, that's really disappointing.  Maybe if someone else took some they could send them my way??  Anyhow, it was really fun!

Next is the final of the four Christmases, dinner up at my mom's house.

Will made the dinner this year, when I say he went all out, that would be the under-exaggeration of the year. He made 4 appetizers, stuffed mushrooms, deviled eggs, smoked salmon spread, and lobster spinach & artichoke dip, then two main courses, goose & salmon, also roughly 20 side dishes!!  It was a crazy amount of food and it was all delicious.  We didn't even make a small dent in it, most people went home with enough food for several more meals.  
Keep in mind, this is only a small fraction of the food...
 The girls playing with the timeless toy that seems to always draw all the kids in, it's a little ride on train they've had forever, they love that thing!

 John & Jessica
 We were so happy to see Jeff got to come home for Christmas, he's been working up at Mount Hood Meadows and we weren't sure he'd get to have the day off. 
 Happy girls!

 So cool.
 Love this man.
 Adore her.
 D'Auna showing off her new dress, so cute!

 It was so nice having Bob & Barby here to spend Christmas with us.  I was really glad that they seemed to enjoy themselves through all four Christmas events!   You really have to know how to party to hang with this family!  
 The adults were ready to see Flower go, the kids, not so much.
What a joy to be surrounded by such a loving family!
Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone enjoyed theirs as much as we did!!


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