Wanted: Health.

Poor little Ava is sick, it break my heart to see her this way.  She looks like death warmed over, has a low grade fever, and won't stop coughing, bless her heart.

These pictures are from last week, when she was feeling better, we caught Ava sitting in John's chair, reading books, wearing his glasses.  

And here are a few from Friday, it was penguin day at school, also hat day.  She rocked both looks.  : )

And here's Norah, just reminding us that she is still two, throwing a fit.  In this case she didn't want to take a nap and was so busy protesting this fact that she totally missed the part where I had said she could wait until a little later to take her little rest...clearly she was already ready.  

Norah has got a little starter sickie voice going so I'm scared we this may be just the beginning of all the fun, here's to hoping they both wake up well tomorrow!


guzzi guy said…
Wishing Ava a speedy recovery and hoping that Norah stays healthy too!

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