Beaching with Friends.

 After we wrapped up New Years and everyone left, I was super happy to have a couple of my girlfriends come and join me.  
Collectively we have six children, half of them are two years old.  Many lessons in sharing, but everyone did great!
Our beach weather continued to be amazing, still cold, but not windy and lots of blue skies.  We were loving the sunsets!




 Pretty sky
 The modern play date.

 Keeley & Georgia
 Love this shot of Ava!

 Gail and her girls, Keeley & Georgia

Jill & her boys, Ethan & Aiden
Norah is so funny!  She was such a little joy, you can tell she is almost three, she seems pretty grown up now.  One of her favorite things to say is "Back when I was little" or "I'm a big girl now" She speaks the truth.

Love hanging out with my girls and having friends join us makes it even more special!  


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