Mom's Birthday!

Oh we had such a great time coming together to celebrate my mom's birthday.
 Love them both, so very much!
 Will won't look at me.  Next time... : )

 These two are just plain cute together!!

 They are adorable.
 Love this one!

 Presentation needs work : )

 Who's making them laugh?  That tiny hand gives me a pretty good guess.  : )

 Yummy cake!  I am making this again for sure, love this raw healthy cheesecake!  Next time it will even be prettier, I'm sure of it!

 Uncle Chris!
 I love laughter.  Such happiness.

 These are cracking me up.

 Some of us even had *too much* fun, not naming any names...
 I love this woman with all my heart!!  
What a blessing to be able to take a weekend to celebrate her!
Happy Birthday Momma!


julie b said…
Thanks for making my birthday fun and delicious! You cooked amazingly good food as usual. I love the pictures and the family fun!

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