Almost 3.

Ava's doing much better, she still has a cough but IF there was school, I'd be sending her.  But they happened to be off, both yesterday and today.  
 Yesterday Norah wore one of my favorite outfits that totally reminds me of Ava at this age.  In fact, lets interrupt this blog post to take a look back at some photos of mini Ava, wearing it too:

Who wore it better?

Sniff, sniff.  As much as I absolutely adore Ava exactly as she is now, I do miss THIS Ava. 

Anyhow, back to yesterday, I am on an organizing kick.  I always have a need to organize and de-clutter.  My wonderful husband got the ball rolling with cleaning out our whole garage, it looks beautiful.  I then hit my closet and yesterday the girls' closet too. 
 You'd think we have 47 little girls with as many clothes as they have.  It's crazy.  This is just their closet, they each have a large dresser STUFFED FULL.  It's kind of embarrassing.  So next step is the dressers, I'm hoping to get to them today. 

Last night we took the girls out to "Red Rhombus" as they call it.  It was the second time in a month!  I'm pretty sure I didn't even make it to Red Robin two times in the entire previous year!   The girls LOVE it there.  Norah is also finally at that age where you can trust her to behave, and not be paying for a dinner that's just plain painful to manage.  They are really quite fun to take out.  They have gone out to eat so infrequently that it's very special to them, love that!
 This picture turned out super red, so I tried to fix it, oh well.  : )
 This was Norah's first turning 3 celebratory dinner, the big day is Sunday, which also happens to be Groundhog's Day and the Super Bowl. 
Happy *almost* birthday little miss Norah!!  These girls are just beyond sweet together.  As much as I miss Ava being 3, having them both be here, together, is much better.  : )


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