Dr. Mom

I kept Ava home from school again today.  She said she felt better but her breathing was still really labored and she wouldn't stop coughing.  I'd hate to expose her to other kids with her immune system weak, for their sake as well as hers. 

I'm glad I kept her home since out of no where she puked all over the place half way through the day.  I don't think she has the flu, I think the coughing made her gag, at least that's what I'm hoping. 
It's hard to keep Norah any reasonable distance from Ava, they are pretty inseparable.  Cute, but not advised.

The saddest part for me was the terrible guilt that has followed after Ava told me that she was sure I would be mad that she threw up.  

I of course wasn't at all and as I cleaned everything up and was helping her wash her hair she seemed genuinely surprised at how nice I was being to her.  That is heart breaking to me.  It makes me think she doesn't trust me as her mom to be patient, have a loving heart and not totally over react.  I hope I'm just reading too much into the whole thing.  I remember feeling really guilty when I would throw up as a kid too, maybe that's just a normal reaction.  I am happy she got to see me handle it well in a very loving manner, maybe next time she won't be so scared of my reaction.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring better health, poor little sweetie.  

My mom and aunt Linda are headed out to Vegas together tomorrow.  I want to go!  I hope someday Jessica and I will travel together like that, so fun! 


Unknown said…
We will Sarah! :-)

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