Max turns three!

My friend Jessica and I shared the same due date with our littles, she cheated and had Max three weeks early, but our kids are still just about the same age.  We celebrated Max's birthday on Saturday, it was so fun!
 Jessica went all out with the decorations, as usual.  She is so crafty and artistic, it shows in every detail of the party.
 The kids played lots of games, our birthday boy didn't take it well when he was out first.

 Norah was next, equally sad.  Is it wrong that I think they are adorable when they are upset?

 Such a cutie, love that smile!
 Pin the ears on Mickey...
 I LOVE Ava's reaction to where she ended up pinning them.
 The beautiful ice cream cake Jessica made fully from scratch, she even drew that Mickey on there!


That cake was amazing!  Yum!  

Such a fun party, happy birthday Max!


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