Dawson Creek

On Wednesday we met up with our good friends Ashlie, Ryan, Jack & Hanna for a nice little "walk" around Dawson Creek.  I use the term "walk" lightly since we basically ended up running, those kids are FAST!!

 Love all these shots of our little friends!!

 Norah was having so much fun balancing on this edge while I had a heart attack.  She REALLY wanted to do it all by herself. 

 Love, love, love.

 Oh her sweet little face.

 Poor little Jackie ended up falling on his head off this wall, a very high section of it, it was so scary and awful! 
 He is ok, but this poor family has been through enough, Jack is already knee deep in fighting for his life from leukemia.  Him & his mom don't need anymore health scares!
 : (
 Love this little guy!

These are some of my current favorite pictures of Norah!
What a fun day with our friends, minus the not so fun part, kids man!  : )


guzzi guy said…
Great set of pictures. Your duck shots are really fine. And of course I can't help but grin at the lovely kids.

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