Ava's party, among other things...

 Here is a mix of photos from Ava's party and some around the house before Bob & Barby left to head back home. 
 Cuddling with dad.
 Things got a lot more girly around here since Christmas time.  Yikes.
 Marble fun!  Don't worry Linda, yours is still way better, maybe we can put the two sets together!
 Height check!  

 Birthday girl.

 Mom & Dad
 Love my sister!

 She did so great reading all her cards.


 Coldstone yummy ice cream cake, red velvet with strawberry shortcake.  She had this same cake last year, complete with rainbow, she wanted the exact same one.  Thanks grandma!

Mini party girl.


And the next morning...
 Sad they are leaving.
 Sad face.

We had such a nice party for Ava.  I'm so glad Bob & Barby were here to enjoy all these fun things with us.  We are always sad to see them go.  Until next time...


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