Great weekend!

 John & I focused on a little Spring cleaning this weekend.  We also celebrated our accomplishments with a date night Saturday.  We hit up the Cruzroom for happy hour, if you haven't been there, you really must go!
 They serve the best tacos, all fancy and CHEAP.  Oh and their tater tots?  Oh my gosh.  So good.  They house infuse many liquors and offer them up cocktail style for happy hour for just $4.  The drink we had was an apple-ancho chili pepper vodka with soda water and a splash of grapefruit.  My next mission is to make this at home, it was amazing!
 After church on Sunday we all went on a family walk.  It was perfect weather.  We all got some great exercise, the girls even attempted to run with me part of the way.  The trail we walked on had many playgrounds so we got to stop and play at along the way, super fun. 
So many fun things through the weekend but my very favorite was something HILARIOUS Norah said on Saturday.  

We had been disciplining Ava for something or other, first John lectured her, then I took a turn.  She sat there looking a little sad when the conversation was over.  Norah goes over to her and puts her little arm around her, she says "I'm sorry them don't like you Ava."

And then we all died laughing, including Ava, it was so very funny!!

In fact, I'm still laughing...


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