Welcome Home & Goodbye

 Sunday was a fun day too!  I started my day off with a 10 mile run, wait that seems far too casual a way to put it, lets try that again: I RAN TEN MILES!!!!  There.  That seems better.  And it went great, which is the best part.  There's nothing better then that feeling you get once it's over, especially when you've met a new personal goal.  Love that.

Next I hit up Winco, by myself, which is always a treat for me.  : )  Then went home and got to cooking for our big Welcome Home / Graduation Celebration for Jeff.  While I was getting that going John built Norah her big girl bed in Ava's room.  More on that later once I get the finishing touches on their room, needless to say, Norah was quite excited!

 Such a happy little girl.
 We were all just as excited to see Jeff & celebrate his very brief reappearance before he leaves us to go live in Seattle. 
 Little Alayah showed up wearing her flamenco dress that mom bought all the girls while they were in Spain, sadly I couldn't get Norah to wear hers.  It pretty much has to be HER idea. (This is the case with EVERYTHING by the way)
 Love my momma.
 This picture cracks me up, Alayah eating corn on the cob AND ice cream at the same time!  So funny!
 Love them.
 Ava in one of her fancy new costumes that Morgan hooked her up with.  She dresses up at least 3 times a day so this is clearly the way to her heart. 

Love Jeff!!

 Ava put her dress on, no shock there.  Norah still, not so much.
 They had a great time playing & fighting over the 2 balloons, maybe 3 would of been better!  Although I'm sure that wouldn't REALLY solve the problem.
 Ava's loves to do her angry face for the camera, I don't love it.
Norah dancing with her milk.  She's got the moves!
Happy Graduation Jeff!  We are so very proud of you!!  

I'm really glad we all got to hang out before he sneaks away again.  Hopefully he will come back & visit soon!  If not I guess it's just one more reason to go to Seattle!  Love it there anyway!  


guzzi guy said…
Nice party! And CONGRATULATIONS on your new PB for running.

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