Sharing 101.

 So we did it.  The kids have been successfully sharing a room for a few weeks now, I can't tell you how happy it makes me.  I was a little scared, but it's worked out great!
We were thinking of building the bunk bed, but the fact that they can be two separate beds seems so much safer.  I've just heard too many bad stories.  John even put Norah's on the lowest setting so she's really close to the ground, not as far to fall (she's fell out once so far). 

You can't really tell in this picture but they still have lots of floor space & it all fits perfectly.  I don't think I really ever will want to stack them. 
They both seem very happy with this new development, thankfully.
 Norah has been taking naps and staying in her bed just like a big girl.  No crib bars required.  We are a little shocked.  When she wakes she yells for us but doesn't just get down like I would expect her to.  I'm sure I jinxed us now....knock on wood! 

Maybe Ava told her that the floor turns into hot lava, like we told her when she was little.  : )
There's a few added bonuses too, John has his own office now, which I think makes him happy. 

It makes our house feel bigger.  Our bedroom is less crowded, and guests can feel like they aren't in Norah's space when they stay over. 

Also I am glad we did this long before they think they are entitled to their own room, we got ahead of that one.  : )

But my favorite part is that I can now check on them TOGETHER at night. 

This is terrible to admit but we have always checked on Ava while she is sleeping, we love standing over her, looking at her sweet face, tucking her in & reveling over her little sleeping body...but Norah?  Not so much.  We WANTED to do all that but her door is loud when you would open it and she is a very light sleeper.  I had tried to check on her many times and ended up dropping to the ground below her crib, crawling out of the room as her eyes pop open and she starts to look around to see what's going on.

But now, she is older, a better sleeper, and Ava's door opens quite nicely.  I love seeing them laying so close together, knowing they have each other, that they are not alone. 

I hope sharing a room brings them closer in all the best ways. 
Such sweet little sisters, I just love their love for each other! 


Super cute! Glad it is working out so well!

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