8 Days...

So as you are reading this I'm about a week away from my half marathon.  I kind of expected my focus to be more on track.  I'm eating pretty well, as I generally do and exercising most days but when I go running I'm not doing well with following the strict plan of running every day for 4-8 miles like I think you are supposed to.

I'm doing more like mostly 3's or 4's with a 8 mile long run this last weekend.  That went pretty well but my longest run, which was 11 miles the weekend before did not.  That scares me.  I had just come out of being sick though and there were a few other factors playing against me, so hopefully it was just a fluke and I will be fine for the 13.1. 
I might need to get this shirt : )
 Today I felt pretty focused.  I got up and went out early for a quick 3 miler, did a little leg work out in the afternoon, went on a bike ride in the evening and ended the day with hot yoga.  I wish I could be so motivated every day!

Anyhow, the biggest fight seems to be in my head when I run. For me it's all about being mentally prepared.  If I know I'm going a certain route and distance I can do it.  But when I just start running I generally don't go as far, I quit early and call it good with just doing a shorter run.  

So I need to up my dedication but also not tire myself out before the race.  This will be my first race ever.  I'm excited and scared and don't really know what to expect.  Part of me wishes I was running it with someone yet I'm also glad I'm doing it by myself.  

My goal is to keep my time under 2 hours which is going to be tricky.  

Wish me luck, I think I may need it!  : )


You can do it!!! I love that shirt. I've seen one somewhere that says "Running sucks." I've often wanted to get it...