What a great weekend.  

John & I got to have a wonderful date night on Saturday and the kiddos got to spend the night at Linda's, which they LOVE.
 We had a fabulous happy hour dinner at Henry's Tavern, went for a nice walk along the water front and then headed home to watch Life of Pi, it was the perfect night.  Great movie too! 
 On Sunday we walked over to Reedville Cafe & had a nice breakfast together sans kids. Well sort of, they may not of been with us but they were the majority of what we talked about.  We both missed them, which I love. 
 Here I am wearing my new Mother's Day apron for our Father's Day BBQ.  It was a gift from my sister and I adore it.

For some strange reason I took zero photos of my dad while he was over, but we had a really nice time & a great dinner.  Love celebrating all the special people in our life!
We'll just pretend that it's this lovely and tropical in our backyard...Love you dad!!  Thank you for being YOU.  I'm super excited you are going to come do yoga with me : )  I'm also looking forward to taking the girls to the park with you, bring on the Summer weather!!  : )
Here's Ava preforming a little pre-bed fireside ballet for her daddy.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads in our life!!


guzzi guy said…
We totally missed the fireside ballet performance! Wow! Thanks again for a wonderful time.

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